Enhancing Your Child's Immunity

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Enhancing Your Child's Immunity

6 nutrients to boost your child's immune system

Every day, your child is exposed to thousands of harmful germs. The risk of him contracting an illness is real, but thankfully, so is his immune system.

By identifying any germs that enter your child's body as 'foreign invaders', it will seek to protect him from possible infections by dispatching antibodies to neutralise the threat.
Over time, the system adapts to the nature of these invaders and defends itself accordingly, going as far as to prevent recurrences of certain illnesses.
BUT. The body's natural defences are only as strong as the nutrients it is provided with. Without the proper support, its effectiveness WILL be compromised.

As a mom, the responsibility is on you to provide your child with a healthy, balanced diet so he can grow up free from major illnesses. Some of the main nutrients to strengthen his immune system are:

To defend your child's body, the system dispatches 'beneficial' germs to fight against its more harmful, invading counterparts. Prebiotics keep these germs alive, to a healthy level, and are commonly found in bananas, tomatoes, and whole-wheat foods.
Vitamin A
Responsible for the production of antibodies, Vitamin A is arguably the foremost component needed by your child's immune system to neutralise invading germs. It can be found in eggs, yogurts, and fruits.
A sufficient supply of iron will help to keep your child's immune system running at its optimum condition, ensuring higher resistance to possible infections. They are typically found in meat, beans, and vegetables.
Vitamin D2
A vital ingredient to ensure the continued growth and function of your child's immune system, Vitamin D2 is also known to prevent allergies. Natural sunlight has been cited as its most effective source, but in the absence of that, it can be found in eggs, oily fishes and fortified margarine.
Found in all the tissues across the body, Zinc is a mineral that supports your child's immune system by providing it with the necessary amount of enzymes. It is also responsible for healing wounds and creating new cells, and is common in food such as milk, cheese and bread.
Vitamin C
Your child's immune system relies on white blood cells to fight off any possible infections, and Vitamin C is needed for these cells to function. It also increases the body's capacity to heal faster and to absorb more iron. Some examples of food are broccolis, oranges and sweet potatoes.
Keeping your child healthy takes time, patience and a whole lot of commitment. If you didn't know where to start, the list above should give you a pretty good idea. There is however, a world of information out there. Discover what works best for your child.

Good luck, moms.



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