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Childern born to play outside

“If you’re the parent of a young child, you probably already know many of the benefits of outdoor play. Not only does it help strengthen motor skills, prevent obesity, and support creativity, but playing outside even promotes mental health and well-being.”

– Dr Debbie Glasser, Preschoolers Need More Outdoor Play With Parents

Children were never made to be kept indoors. But don’t go buying hiking gear just yet – when it comes to raising kids there are many small, enjoyable ways to start exploring the outdoors.

Simple activities like frolicking in the rain, planting a seed in your backyard, enjoying the view from a tree branch, or setting off on a scavenger hunt in your own neighbourhood are perfect bite-sized activities to begin with.

In fact, just being out and about at the park with your kid is a great way to build motor skills and a healthy curiosity.

Here’s a simple activity sheet for you to start discovering more with your kid!
Walk in the park
Turn your next outdoor walk into a game with this activity worksheet.

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