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Hello. You’ve started your most important journey: being a mum.

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Inspiration for growing together

Learn and grow with your little one using these nutrition and parenting guides.

Pregnancy | My Pregnancy My Way

Do Pregnant Mums Need Maternal Milk/Susu?

Many pregnant mums in Malaysia are in a dilemma about whether they.... more

12+ months | Naturally Strong Inside

5 Facts vs Myths About Formula Milk/Susu Every Parent Should Know

Making formula-feeding decisions is a big part of parenting. While.... more

12+ months | Naturally Strong Inside

How Long Is Formula Good For?

Dear parents, this guide is here to help you learn about the stora.... more

Pregnancy | My Pregnancy My Way

Eating Better For Healthy Pregnancy, Naturally

Planning to eat better but not sure where or how to start? We’ve g.... more

Pregnancy | My Pregnancy My Way

A Guide To Managing Pregnancy Symptoms

There are various common symptoms in pregnancy. It is important th.... more

Pregnancy | My Pregnancy My Way

Imported Maternal Milk: Where Is It from And Why That Matters

Mums-to-be need milk/susu too. Now it’s time to learn goes into ma.... more

12+ months | Naturally Strong Inside

LocNutri™ Technology - Formula Milk Processing That's Different by Design

Preserves nutrient. Easy digestion for stronger inside. more

12+ months | Naturally Strong Inside

Easing Constipation for Children

Constipation is the condition in which an individual has reduced f.... more

12+ months | Naturally Strong Inside

How to Switch Formula

Here are answers to questions parents often ask about different mi.... more


Nature's goodness, made better by science

Every mum wants to give their child safe, high-quality milk that's naturally rich in nutrients. That's why we made sure it's easy for you to follow the milk's journey, from grass to glass.


Trace the quality at every step

From our farms to your table, TrackEasy traces each can of milk to give you reassuring details of its entire journey.


Preserve the natural goodness

LocNutri™ retains 90% of milk’s natural nutrients, making it easier to digest for your child's delicate digestive system.


Quality milk for tiny tummies

Our exclusive NOVAS™ Signature Milk has small molecules that are easy for your child to digest.

No added flavour

No added sucrose or artificial flavour

A natural, light-tasting milk helps your child adapt to a healthier, reduced preference for sweetness.