The big reason why Friso Gold created

LocNutri™ Technology:

delicate tummies.
Children’s tummies are more delicate, and that is why it is important to understand what goes into your little one’s diet. At Friso Gold, we believe natural nutrition is easy to digest. LocNutri™ Technology uses mild heat treatment during formula production to help preserve the milk’s protein as close as possible to its natural structure, leading to easy digestion.
Learn how LocNutri™ Technology helps with easy digestion in your child’s tummy.

Preserve natural nutrition

in your own kitchen.*

Giving your child the right foods is important. But, it is just as crucial to use the right processes to preserve its natural nutrition. Learn why this matters in our Friso Gold Nutritorials.

Discover the difference

of natural nutrition.

Our quality formula is 100% made in Holland, where nutrient-rich milk from our own farms is preserved with Friso Gold LocNutriTM Technology.
Give your child milk with natural nutrition that is easy to digest, so that they can be prepared to take on any experience life gives them.
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See what mums have to say.

Here’s what our mums have to say about Friso Gold, and how it makes a difference to our little ones’ delicate tummies.
Nancy Neo Lay Hwa

Nancy Neo Lay Hwa

Both my children loves Friso Gold for its taste of natural goodness as a formulated milk powder, it is not too sweet and also easy to digest for my kids. They do not suffer from constipation as a result of its natural high quality ingredients and we can trust that it is safely packed and produced in Holland and held to high levels of quality.
Nada Syazana binti Zulkufli

Nada Syazana binti Zulkufli

My son used to produce the world's foulest-smelling excretions but upon switching to Friso Gold , his excretions are more tolerable and he doesn't wake up as often at night after downing milk. In fact, he's gotten so comfortable, waking him up for kindy is a challenge. A happy tummy & a happy child - now that is GOLD.
Wendy Tan Seow Wei

Wendy Tan Seow Wei

I love Friso Gold as it does wonders to my girl. No more constipation, taste great and my girl is loving it. I am so happy seeing her growing well with Friso Gold. Easy to open plastic lid and I will just buy the refillable packs and reused the tin. It's value for money and not to mention the lovely free gifts. Thank you so much, Friso Gold!
Soo Yunn Rou

Soo Yunn Rou

I am glad to choose Friso Gold for my children and very pleased that they love it. I am more than pleased to know that Friso Gold is make for easy digestion for a stronger inside. With Friso Gold they are strong enough to explore the most adventurous experience with us and they have more fun and learn better when they gets dirty outdoor.
Syahirah Bt Shaberi

Syahirah Bt Shaberi

Sebelum ini anak saya mempunyai masalah dalam peningkatan berat badan tetapi setelah saya mencuba Friso Gold sebagai susu pilihan anak saya ternyata ia amat berkesan dan berat badan anak saya telah bertambah dari sebelumnya bukan itu sahaja ternyata frisold gold juga membantu dalam masalah pengahadaman anak saya. Terima kasih friso gold.
Noor Rahimah Binti Ab Rahman

Noor Rahimah Binti Ab Rahman

Saya suka Friso Gold ni sebab utamanya ia memang memudahkan anak saya menyusu. Bayangkan, selama ni saya dah tukar hampir 5 produk susu kerana ianya tidak bersesuaian dengan anak saya. Tapi alangkah terkejutnya saya bila melihat si manja saya 'maintain' dengan Friso Gold ini & selalu cakap dengan saya 'susu ni cedap la mama'. Tq Friso Gold

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