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Friso® Gold

Give them the guts to explore the world

Friso® Gold Supports Gut Protection For Children to Explore The World Freely

Strong guts are key to holistic growth and development. Friso® Gold delivers quality checked nutrients while ensuring they are easily digested and absorbed by delicate tummies.

Meeting the gut protection needs of your child — key ingredients of Friso® Gold:

NOVAS Signature Milk

NOVAS Signature Milk

Low casein mineralisation offers easily digestible protein curds for young stomachs.



GOS levels stimulate the healthy growth of good gut bacteria.



Bolsters a healthy gut microbiota.

Probiotic B. lactis HNO19

Probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis HN019

No Added Flavour

No Added Flavour

Maintains the natural, light flavour of milk, making it easier for children to enjoy.

How Friso® Gold's grass-to-glass process provides quality checked nutrients to support gut protection:

Holland Dairy Science Expertise

Backed by 150 years’ Holland dairy science expertise, we understand the nutrition your child needs. Our partner farmers meticulously select Friesian cows based on their health, milk quality, and composition. Employing advanced neck sensors, our farmers closely monitor the daily activities of each cow—their steps, resting time, and food intake. Through analysing their physiological condition and the macronutrient content of their milk, we tailor their diet to guarantee quality checked NOVAS™ Signature Milk.


LockNutri Nutrient Retention System®

LocNutri Technology® uses minimal processing with single-heat treatment to ensure proteins remain as close to their native states as possible and are easily absorbed by the gut. With this technology, Friso® Gold effectively retains over 90% of natural nutrients in its fluid form, improving digestibility.

TrackEasy Milk Traceability System

TrackEasy lets you trace your tin down to its specific origin farm in the Netherlands. You can check the local real-time weather and air quality, and learn more about farm quality information, milk inspections, and date of collection. From transportation to packaging and the rigorous checks, every step of the whole process is available to you at a glance for that added assurance.