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Why Friso

The NOVAS™ Signature Milk - High Quality Formula Milk | Friso® Gold MY

How is NOVAS™ Signature Milk Made

New Friso® Gold, made with NOVAS™ Signature Milk

Naturally Small Molecules with Soft Structure

Friso® Gold now with high-quality NOVAS™ Signature Milk, farmed and formulated in The Netherlands. With naturally small molecules and soft structure, the newly upgraded milk with no added sucrose or flavor is Easy to Digest so your child can be Stronger Inside.

NOVAS™ – Signature of Dutch Dairy Science Expertise

High quality milk sourced from our own farms in the Netherlands. Over 140 years of our dairy expertise is used to create the ideal nourishing environment for producing high quality milk.

Specially Selected Premium Cows

Our premium cows are carefully and specially selected by our farmers based on health, milk quality and milk composition. Using neck sensors, our farmers monitor each and every cow’s health via their daily activity - how many steps they’ve taken, how long they lie down, and how much food they have consumed. This is how our farmers are able to get high-quality NOVAS™ Signature Milk.

Premiums Cows, Customised Feeds

Our farmers feed each cow according to their physiological status, analysing the macronutrients composition of their milk that fits the cow’s nutritional needs. It’s a balanced and customised diet for each of the cows (that includes rye grass and maize grown in our farms), prepared in detail by our farmers. All of this preparation, so we can produce high-quality NOVAS™ Signature Milk.

High Quality NOVAS™ Signature Milk

The characteristics of NOVAS™ Signature Milk naturally small molecules and soft structure promotes good digestion. Good digestion supports absorption of key nutrients and all the good benefits they have on growth & development.

High Quality NOVAS™ Signature Milk with Unique Features

No Added Sucrose

No Added Sucrose

The goodness of natural nutrients that’s good for your child without added sucrose.

No Added Flavour

No Added Flavour

Natural and light to the palate, daily nutritional benefits without added flavour.

Track easy


With TrackEasy* to trace the milk’s full journey from source so you can be assured of product authenticity, safety & quality.

*Currently available on all Friso® Gold 900g tins



Improved Airtight protection lid. Easier & Cleaner. Fresh & Accurate Serving each time.