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Friso Gold New Formulation FAQ

  • What is in the Friso Gold upgrade?

    Upgrades for new Friso Gold include:
    1. Addition of new ingredient 2’-FL
    2. New packaging designs which comply with latest labelling requirements by MOH (Ministry of Health)

  • What is 2’-FL?

    2’-FL (2’-fucosyllactose) is an ingredient added into newly upgraded Friso Gold. 2’-FL is an oligosaccharide which plays an important role in children's gut microbiota development and immunity.

  • Why is there a change in serving for GUM Stage 3 and 4? Why are the spoon colors changed?

    We have changed the scoop in our new products. The new scoops are smaller in size, thus more scoops are required to achieve the preparation method ie. 30g.

    Apart from this, there is also a change in scoop colours:

    S3 spoon colour from orange --> turquoise

    S4 spoon colour from orange --> light green

  • How do I switch over to the new formula? Can I give old and new formulation in the switching transition so that my kids can adapt to the new powder?

    We recommend that you use our transition guide as a guidance in general (refer table below)

    Formula milk switching guide

    • Day 1-3 (1st serving new formula, 2nd serving no change, 3rd serving no change)
    • Day 4-6 (1st serving new formula, 2nd serving new formula, 3rd serving no change)
    • Day 7 (all new formula)

For more information, please contact our Careline at 1-800-81-3854.