Liyana Jasmay shares the importance of good digestion for her little one!

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Fareez semakin aktif dan bertenaga sejak minum Friso Gold 3. Paling penting, kesihatannya bertambah baik dan dia semakin ceria.

Elliziana Zainuddin

Mum of Iskandar Fareez
3 years old


My daughter seems to be passing motion easier when she started drinking Friso Gold. She loves the taste too.


Mum of Kiera Yong
2 years old


My daughter always asks for her favourite milk everyday, especially in the morning and before bed. No indigestion problem and suitable for her.

Chan Guay Chin

Mum of Chin U-Xuan
3 years old


Friso is gentle to my girl’s stomach and is not too sweet. That’s why I let my little girl drink Friso Gold!

Sofia Nabilla Fatin Sahari

Mum of Atiya Dhalia
3 years old


Glad to have found quality formula milk that is fully imported from Holland. No indigestion problems since my daughter started to drink this.

Karina Hani

Mum of Karissa Alyaana
1 years old


I always make sure to feed Aiden good things so he can absorb all the good nutrients which will help with his growth.

Izalia Zainuddin

Mum of Nik Aiden
1 years old


My daughter still loves drinking Friso Gold until now! Its not too heaty and no problem like diarrhea.

Foo Hui Leng

Mum of Lee Yong Hui
4 years old


No constipation and easy to go to the toilet. Must be good for his digestion. His weight gain has also been good.

Shirley Pang

Mum of Nathan Ho
4 years old


My son doesn’t have tummy problems and it also helps him sleep better at night.

Melisa Nadia Abd Malek

Mum of Anas Mikaeel
2 years old


Kali pertama saya berikan susu Friso Gold 3, anak sangat seronok minum susu. Katanya, susu ini sedap sambil tunjuk gelas kosong yang telah habis diminum.

Wan Norazlina binti Wan Abdullah

Mum of Muhammad Nasr Addin Mikhail
3 years old


I noticed my sons are getting healthier and more active. As Friso Gold is 100% imported from Holland, with history of over 140 years, they create the ideal nourishing environment for producing high quality milk. Say yes to healthy body!

Wilson Ng

Dad of Zen Ng
4 years old


We are always concerned when sometimes they go 2-3 days without passing motion, which I don't think is a healthy trait. To me, Good digestion always translates to the kids getting sick less, and having a better body resistance. It's good then to note that after using FRISO GOLD, both the kids are now able to "poo poo" every day!

Isaac Tan

Dad of Martin Tan
5 years old


Dengan sistem pencernaan yang baik, Anak saya tidur lebih lena di waktu malam, dan ceria di siang hari. Terima kasih Friso Gold.

Syukri bin Mohammad Nor

Dad of Nur Elfisha bt Syukri
4 years old


Menerokai dunia luar merupakan pengalaman yang menyeronokkan untuk anak saya kerana Friso Gold sesuai untuk sistem penghadaman anak saya!

Dr. Nor Liyana Mohd Shuib

Mum of Nur Amina binti Mukhlis
3 years old


Az-Zahra and El-Fateh doesn't have any hard stool and constipation issue and it makes them stay active.

Sharatul Amirrah Othman

Mum of Eiliyah Az-Zahra binti Zureen Azwan Ezani
5 years old

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