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Friso® Gold 3 - formula milk for digestion and preventing constipation

LocNutri™ Technology - Formula Milk for Easy Digestion with LocNutri™ Technology

Preserves nutrients. Easy digestion for stronger inside.

Not all formulas are made the same

To the average customer, all formula milk powder in the market might look the same - but they're not. It is important to choose the right formula milk for digestion that is safe for your child’s tummy and helps prevent constipation. Look beyond the marketing and advertising, and you should be able to study key information about the formula and how it is made.

There are several formula milk processing methods used by the industry for drying dairy from liquid to powder form. These include spray dried, dehydration and/or evaporation, often at high temperatures to remove water, with dietary additions (such as vegetable-based fatty acids) to the mixture along the production line. While high heat treatment minimises contamination and seems better for hygiene, the natural structure of milk proteins gets damaged or destroyed, altering its chemical composition by the time it becomes dry.

The problem with this is that once proteins are damaged by high heat, they are not easily absorbed by your child's digestive system membrane, placing heavy demands on an organ that is still building cell by cell. This factor may cause your child to experience indigestion, colic, constipation and general stomach discomfort, and in turn prevent them from living the best of their childhood or missing out on school.


Preserving the best nutrients for your child

Our formulation of NOVAS Signature Milk with LocNutri Technology is based on 150 years of Dutch Dairy expertise and is thus different by design. First, we start with our main ingredient: milk supplied straight from our own natural source, straight from our cattle farms in the Netherlands. Our cows are carefully selected based on their health, milk quality and milk composition. We even use neck sensors to monitor our cows’ daily activity such as how many steps they take, how much food they consume and even how often they lie down.

Fresh milk is delivered from farm to factory within 1.5 hours at no higher than 4°C to ensure optimal freshness. Then, we apply our innovative LocNutri™ technology with specialised equipment controlled within our processing plant to exacting standards. This technology uses mild heat treatment during the formula manufacturing process, so that proteins are preserved closer to their native structures. In fact, we are able to lock in more than 90% of natural nutrients7 from its fluid form, all thanks to this trademark powder formula solution. Doing so allows the formula milk nutrients to be easily digested and absorbed by your child's delicate and sensitive tummy.

High-sugar foods are known to contribute to weight gain and excess body fat, which is why our innovative formula has no added sucrose or flavour. Instead it contains lactose, the natural sugar in milk, with all its beneficial properties. Feeding on good proteins is necessary for humans to produce healthy muscle, skin, and hair production. It also supports the immune system and aids in antibody production, keeping your child safe from the inside out. Young children have specific nutritional requirements, and a single digestive disease can have adverse effects on their natural gut bacteria. With this at stake, it is important to research and choose the right formula milk for easy digestion, even if it might cost slightly more.

For greater transparency, you can even track where our formula is distributed with TrackEasy, from production to storage, all the way to its delivery to the supermarket shelves. This way, you can be assured that you are giving your child quality milk in every glass. It also comes in an airtight container to preserve its freshness. With naturally small molecules and soft structure, the upgraded milk is digestible so your child can be stronger inside and out.


Build good digestion for a stronger inside

Your child is constantly exposed to new and exciting things in the world and we, like every mother, want to help them make the most out of their discovery years. A healthy digestive system also means that your child is less stressed and will have the required energy and spirit to enjoy all kinds of activities with you. After all, it's really the little things in life that matter the most.


Benefits of good digestion

  1. Absorbs nutrients

    Our gut is incredibly important as we absorb almost all of the nutrients we consume through it. Therefore, children obtain most of their nutrition from what they consume when their gut is healthy. The main nutrients from food absorbed are iron, proteins, carbohydrates as well as fats. These nutrients aid in the growing bodies of young children.5

  2. Eliminates waste

    One of the main functions of your gut is to eliminate waste. In order to maintain regular bowel movements, especially in children, do promote a diet that involves high fibre. Add to your child’s diet foods such as wholegrains, vegetables as well as fruits. This maintains regular bowel movement, feeds the healthy gut bacteria as well as eases constipation. Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is also important for bowel movements in keeping it regular.5

  3. The immune system

    70% of the body’s immune system is found in your gut. However, it is also the welcome mat for bugs to enter your body. If the gut is not strong enough, it will most likely pick up bad bugs which leads to illnesses. An imbalance of bacteria in the gut can contribute to the risk of gut-related allergies such as asthma and eczema. Fueling good bacteria in your child’s gut can build their immunity and keep them healthy.5

    Try Friso® Gold Step 3 and Friso® Gold Step 4. Made with milk and processed only once with LocNutri™ Technology to preserve more than 90% of nutrients, Friso® Gold combines the magical goodness of nature with science to bring you easy to digest milk with more than 50 essential6 nutrients to help your child grow stronger from the inside.​ Friso® Gold now with NOVAS™ Signature Milk with naturally small molecules and soft structure, has no added sucrose or flavour for easy digestion so your child can be stronger inside. It is incredibly important for your child to have good digestion not only for their comfort but to also avoid complications in their future. You may request a sample: Try free 1-day trial pack or 50% off for 6 days-trial pack.

    We hope the information in this article regarding formula milk processing is helpful for you in choosing the right formula for sensitive tummy and constipation. If you would like to see if Friso® Gold is suitable for your child (e.g. potential food allergy, etc.), speak to your paediatrician for input or call the Friso® Gold Careline at 1800-88-1647 for service and support, available every Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 4.30pm.




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