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lighter taste, more natural goodness

Why No Added Sucrose and Flavour?

Friso® Gold is now upgraded with NOVAS Signature Milk that contains Small Molecules and Soft Structure. Your child can now enjoy Light-tasting Formula with No Added Sucrose and Flavour

Why No Added Sucrose and Flavour?

High consumption of added sugars may lead to tooth decay, poor diet and obesity in children. Get your child used to non-flavoured milk with its long term benefits for a healthier lifestyle.

With this change, your child may notice the slightest difference in taste. We understand, and we would like to support the transition with this proposed feeding schedule:

Formula milk switching guide

If your child needs more help, we suggest adding complementary food such as bread, biscuits or cereal with our milk, especially if your child is drinking from a cup.


Got More Questions?

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