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Kid is eating corn to ensure sufficient of nutrients

5 Tips To Retain Natural Nutrients

A lot of nature’s goodness can be lost in processing, especially if we are not careful about the way we prepare our food. Here are some tips to help you retain nature’s nutrients in your meal preparations, just like how we protect and preserve the natural milk protein in the way we process our milk.

Because gentle tummies deserve nature’s goodness

At Friso Gold Malaysia, we believe in the goodness of natural nutrition, and that’s why we try our best to retain as much of nature’s gifts as we can in our milk processing. From our farms to our factories, quality processes and technology are put in place to ensure that the milk we produce is easy on gentle tummies.

Nutrient milk

Nutrient rich milk

The basic ingredient in formula is milk. Our cows are fed a diet of wholesome foods and enjoy the freedom to be milked whenever they like, so they can create naturally nutritious milk.

Under 4c

Under 4°C for freshness

To maintain the high quality of our milk between the farm and the factory, our milk is kept at under 4°C. Our truck drivers perform regular temperature inspections to make sure that the milk is kept fresh all the way.


LocNutri® Technology

Overheating destroys the natural protein in milk. That’s why we’ve developed LocNutri® Technology, a mild heat process that preserves the nutrient close to its natural structure, so it’s easy to digest.


Quality sealed for freshness

Our packaging process complies with stringent hygiene laws. Every Friso Gold can is 100% produced and packed in The Netherlands, locking in goodness in one unbroken chain before it reaches your nearest store.

Give your child the Friso Gold experience today with a free sample.


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