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Benefit Of Maternal Milk

Maternal milk acts as supplements for soon-to-be-mothers that is beneficial for you and your child, especially while lactating. Check out the benefits of maternal milk here!

Supplements Folic Acid

Folic acid helps with the growth and development of the foetus and plays an important role in formation of red blood cell. As compared to normal adults, the need of folic acids in pregnant mums is higher.

Eases Pregnancy Discomforts

Drinking maternal milk can supplement the nutrients lost due to nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, is easily absorbed and does not add to digestion issues. Furthermore, it carries endless benefits for both you and your child!

For mothers

Maternal milk has added Magnesium that helps with bone development and tissue formation, pre-biotics and pro-biotics, Choline and Vitamin B-COMPLEX that helps provide energy and aids concentration. 

For child

It contains Vitamin D and D12, that produces red blood cells and encourages calcium absorption. It also helps your child as it is loaded in DHA, Iodine, and Folic Acid for child’s development.  

Maternal milk is also suitable for lactating mums. It helps to meet the nutritional requirements of lactating mothers.  

Choosing the right maternal milk is important for pregnant mums. That’s why Frisomum Gold is formulated with mum and child in mind. From its multiple benefits for mum and child, to the soothing taste of vanilla, feel free to ask your doctor is Frisomum Gold is the right choice for you.



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