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A young child demonstrating responsibility by watering plants

Cultivating Character In A Day Of Fun

Children are master copycats – and many character traits are created by imitation. Here are 10 ways you can incorporate character-building activities naturally into your daily routine.

10 everyday activities to cultivate your child's character

Encourage the chilren to explore the environment like climbing a ladder and patting pet in playground


Try a new experience like climbing a ladder at the playground or patting a neighbour’s pet.


Let the child draw something that he/she is grateful for


Draw one thing to be thankful for every week.

Explain extra gentle and care is needed for elderly and fragile items


Give your child several delicate items like a picture frame. Explain how some objects and people require extra gentleness.

Stretching with soft music can cultivate peacefulness


Put on some soft music and do stretches while taking deep breaths. Encourage your toddler to follow you.

Watering a plant helps implant the responsiblity in child


Water a plant every day.

Muffin baked by children to share with neighbour is a kind of generosity


Bake some muffins and encourage your child to offer some to your neighbour.

Learn kindness by creating new home for stuffed toys


Create a home for your stuffed toys.

Preparing a teatime snack is an act of service for a child too


Prepare a teatime snack for the family.

Children learns eye contact while speaking


Look into the eyes of the person you are speaking to.

Learn to say please and thank you when children request for sweets


Offer your child a special treat during mealtimes and request that they say “please” as they ask for new bites. Add “thank you” and “you’re welcome” as they master each word.

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A child is playing super hero flying game with father

We Can All Be Heroes

“Role-modelling is one of the most powerful tools that parents can use to transfer good manners and the proper values to our children. A good role model helps influence and shape children’s behaviour and decisions in relating to others as their world extends beyond the home, teachers and other persons in the community, including celebrities and characters on media.” - Dr Georgina Gozo-Oliver Child Psychiatrist