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A toddler painting with his fingers

Fun Ways To Explore The Alphabet

Flashcards don’t just make learning fun, they can also jumpstart your child’s vocabulary and hit the sweet spot between literacy and fluency. And while we’re at it, why not make your own flashcards, so you can customise each letter of the alphabet and teach your child about anything and everything under the sun!

Customise your flashcards

Teach your child about body parts and more with this set of blank flashcards that you can customise. Print them out, choose a word for each letter, and design the cards together! We’ve started with body parts, but feel free to expand his mind with more.

Fun flash cards to educate children
Print the full set to start customising your flashcards together.


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Two girls with animal ear hairbands holding up homemade animal eyes infront of their faces

Take The Zoo Home With You

Creating outdoor experiences indoors instantly ignites a child’s imagination. So if the zoo is a family favourite, bring it home! In this article, you will learn how to have your own make-believe zoo at home to engage your child’s mind, without the usual sweat and crankiness.