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Shining sun and blowing wind

To Kids, There's No School Like Nature

What nature teaches kids is above and beyond what they can learn in books or in school. More often than not, experiences in nature offer new perspectives to what a child already knows as the lessons are multi-dimensional and multi-sensorial, covering aspects of physical, mental and emotional learning. What’s more, there is so much a child can benefit from just being out and about in nature!

5 ways your child can benefit from nature

Shining sun and blowing wind

Fresh air and sunlight

Get out of the house for a healthy dose of Vitamin D!

switch on the lightbulb of creativity in children

Confidence and creativity

When play is unstructured, kids become inventive

Nature brings children to a world of wondernment

Sense of wonder

There’s just so much to discover, the world is their oyster!

Exploring nature that stimulates the five senses in children

Sensorial stimulation

Give the five senses a good massage with outdoors stimulation

Child getting his hands dirty in soil that has beneficial bacteria

Soil is good!

Some soil-based organisms have stronger strains of beneficial bacteria

Find out how your child can be stronger inside to experience more of nature.


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Build empathy via play with child

Build Empathy Via Play

When your children are starting to recognize themselves in the mirror as it is a period of self-understanding and acknowledgement that they are a separate person from others. This is when empathy needs to be strongly built so that they can expand their abilities to recognize and imagine how others feel and in return, respond with care. Here are some tips on how to foster your children’s empathy with playtime.