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Confinement Centre Pros and Cons for Mums

Confinement centres are an increasingly popular option for mums due to the scarcity of confinement ladies and the convenience of having everything under one roof. If you’re still thinking of going to a confinement centre is a good choice, don’t stress! Reading this article will give you more information to help with the decision-making.

Postpartum confinement is a traditional practice takes place after delivery. Though some deem it as merely rules and regulations, this actually aims to help new mums recover after the experience. New mums are ‘quarantined’ at home, or in modern times, confinement centres designed for postpartum mums in mind. While some cultures don’t have it, Malaysia being a multi-racial country, our ethnic Chinese, Malay, and Indian communities have their own respective beliefs and practices dating back to ancient times. The common thing amongst these practices is the goal of supporting new mums to recover and get her strength back physically and emotionally. Here are some of the perks mums get when staying in a confinement centre:

1. Comfortable Room

For the duration of your confinement, it’s imperative that you’re at ease and comfortable with the place you’re staying at. Most confinement centres offer a range of rooms with different cost for you to choose from depending on your budget and preference. At the end of the day, regardless of price, look at it as your home away from home during this period. Some confinement centres also allow immediate family and parent-in-law to come and stay over. One of the best things about it is that you won’t need to worry about household cleaning!

2. A Balanced and Nutritious Diet

Mums who have just given birth often don’t have the energy left for cooking and preparing their own food, let alone putting together a menu. Not having balanced, nutritious, and healthy meals – with ample about of protein, leaf vegetables, fruits, and others – could lead to your body not healing properly after delivery. Dehydration could also be a potential issue if mums forget to drink water. At confinement centres, new mums don’t have to worry at all! Many recommended quality confinement centres have round-the-clock professional chefs and even dieticians to make sure what mums are eating are fresh foods with proper nutrition and they’re drinking enough water. With all these already taken cared of, mums can just focus on feeling their best – inside and out.

3. A Calming and Peaceful Rest

Delivery and the pains that came with it can be very taxing for a woman’s body. More so if the pregnancies are closer together, as the body can sense the fatigue and doesn’t have time to heal itself. That is why rest time is very important to aid with the healing process. There is also so much comfort, joy, and happiness in knowing you can have that good quality sleep! In confinement centres, there is a full staff of professionals to support your daily activities so that you can get all the rest you need. It makes all the difference to help restore your physical and mental health.

4. 24/7 Care

Confinement centres’ staff give round-the-clock care and service should mums need help with anything. The staff in confinement centres are trained professionals such as a registered nurse, confinement nannies, midwifes, etc. Though they constantly attend to mums in their rooms, there’s no need to worry about privacy. You can inform the staff on your preference and expectation when it comes to personal space.

5. Support for New Mums

First-time mums may sense and find themselves lost in what to do as brand-new mothers. This isn’t uncommon, so don’t let it affect you because there is nothing to be ashamed of. The best confinement centres don’t just have the necessary qualifications and certification for confinement practices, they provide first-time mums knowledge, support, guidance, and offer various classes to know more about the dos and don’ts of parenting. They give expert advice on lactation, breastfeeding! There, you can also learn new parenting skills you will apply in your everyday life as a mum like basic child care, bathing, burping, changing of the diaper, child massage, what to do when your child is crying, and of course understanding your child. These are some of the perks of staying in confinement centres after delivering your child. There are many more, but it’s important to know that it’s not your obligation to go through postpartum confinement. If you do decide to go to a confinement centre, remember that your journey to healthy recovery and being a good parent can start even in these centres.

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