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How Being A Mum Super-Charges Your Work Productivity

Working mums, forget about myths and societal pressures! Guilt shouldn’t stop you from going back to work because we know that being a working mum can be tough—juggling between a hectic work schedule and maintaining a harmonious home life with your child is a daily challenge.

According to the Center for American Progress, nearly 4 in 10 homes have a mum who is a working mother. Although the number of working mums is increasing, ¹ studies have shown that mums are happier holding a paid job. If you need a little pick-me-up, check out these pointers on how being a mum can actually super-charge work productivity.   
You Multitask Better

Besides tending to your own Supermum schedule, you’re also taking care of others at the same time; you’re looking after of your child, fitting in date nights with your partner, trying to be a good colleague and a reliable friend to your besties…who knows how long this list can go? You learn to multitask like a champ along the way and this is where your time management skills can improve, too.    
Your Empathy Increases

Your child is a gift, but being a mum gives the great gift of all—you’ll experience a boost in empathy. With better insight of what parents go through at home, you’ll naturally understand your colleagues and subordinates better. As a significant employee of your company, your empathetic skills can help tremendously in portraying better leadership and managerial skills, too. This can also up your chances on that promotion you’ve been waiting for!   
The Rise of Sense and Sensibility  

As you learn the ins and outs of being a working mum, your knack for practicality naturally heightens along the way. As the saying ‘‘Time is precious’’ goes, it grounds your appreciation for it, especially when you’re trying to balance on what is important to you. At the end of the day, being sensible towards your priorities teaches you to maximise productivity, so that you can go home and spend more time with your child.  
As a modern mum, it’s important to note that to be exceptional (working or not) is to always be kind and patient with yourself. Motherhood is a long journey, so remember that your role is just as important in whatever you do, whoever you are, wherever you are.     





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