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Lactating 101

Many new mums wonder how lactating will affect their diet. There are a few important considerations to keep in mind. Check out more!

What to Eat When Lactating 


It’s important to keep your calcium intake up, especially when lactating. This is because your body will "rob" your own bones to make sure there's enough calcium in your milk to nourish your child’s bones and nervous system. 


Salmon is an amazing high-quality protein filled with calcium! With loads of vitamin D, DHA, and omega-3 fatty acids, it’s good for your child’s brain, eye, and nerve development. Just steam and/or mash them alongside soft, leafy vegetables (like spinach) to make it a complete meal for your child. 


We all know the importance of H20. But keeping yourself hydrated is vital for your body to recover from the stress of childbirth. Drinking water flavoured with antioxidants like lemon zest while you nurse or pump can also give you an extra boost of energy! 

Lactation Foods

Oats, fennel, and brewer’s yeast are all food types that help increase milk production and promotes a smoother lactation period. 

What Not to Eat When Lactating 

Spicy Foods

If you love spicy foods, it's fine to continue eating them while you are lactating but you may need to play around with your diet to figure out the foods to avoid when lactating. \



Not only is alcohol something you should avoid for your own wellbeing, but your child’s too. Alcohol CAN get passed to your child via milk. 

Caffeine and sugary drinks

If you’re trying to get back to your old figure, cut down on sweetened drinks. Nursing mothers can indulge in some coffee but in moderate amounts. 
Nursing mothers should also maintain a regular eating schedule. You should never skip meals, even when dealing with a busy schedule. Pick a light, healthy option for breakfast – like oatmeal with berries and nuts. Encourage yourself to have little high-energy, high protein snack breaks through the day and whip up something filling for you and your family for dinner. 

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