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Your next family holiday begins at home

Your Next Family Holiday Begins At Home

They may take up the least room on the plane, but their needs take up the most space on our holiday checklists. From where to visit to what to pack, our children are always at the heart of our pre-holiday preparation. Now get them ready for the lessons they’ll gain from travelling. The next time you travel, create your own Holiday Countdown Box, and prepare your child for a brave new world of enriching experiences, even before you take off.

How to create your own Holiday Countdown Box

In the days leading up to your family holiday, leave an object a day in your Holiday Countdown Box based on the topics below. Pair them with our recommended questions and start preparing your child for a richer pre-holiday experience.




What is the country called and how far away is it?

What food do the locals enjoy?

What currency do they use?


Famous landmark

Time zone

How do we say “hello” in their language?

What is a famous landmark we will see?

Is it in a different time zone?



Traditional costume

What is the weather like now?

Do they have a unique mode of transport?

What does their traditional costume look like?

Make the most of every journey

Give your child the right building blocks so that he can be stronger inside to get the most out of your holidays.


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