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Office-friendly workout for mums

The Office-Friendly Workout For Pregnant Women

Sitting in an office chair for 8 long hours in a day might be a tad uncomfortable, especially if you’re a pregnant mum.Here are simple exercises that can be performed without leaving your desk. Time to get moving.

Shoulder Rolls

Release that tension in your shoulders with this popular workout for pregnant women.


1. Sit down and place your hands on your shoulders.


2. Roll your shoulders forward for 10 times to open up your shoulders & back.


3. Roll your shoulders the opposite way for 10 times to open up your chest, now.

Leg Extensions With Presses

Build the strength in your legs and upper body in this pregnancy workout that will improve the muscles in your thighs. Apart from making it easier to give birth, it will also strengthen your arms to help you lift your little one.


1. While sitting down, extend your arms upwards, and extend one leg forward.


2. Pull down your arms, and your leg as well.


3. Repeat Step 1, but use a different leg this time.

pregnancy workout

4. Repeat Steps 1-2, and alternate between your legs, for 10 times.

Office Sit-Ups

This pregnancy workout will build strength for your legs, especially when you are carrying the additional pregnancy weight. Plus, it will help to counter any numbness from sitting down all day.


1. Stand up and sit down.


2. Repeat this pregnancy workout 10 times.

Chest & Back Stretches

Avoid back pains and forward hunching, while improving your posture.


1. Spread your arms to your sides, opening up your chest, and squeezing the muscles.


2. Bring them forward and clasp your hands together, to stretch your back.


3. Repeat Steps 1-2 for 10 times.

Pelvic Tilts

This pregnancy workout will result in stronger internal abdominal muscles, specifically the pelvic floor and tummy muscles. It will support your little one, while preventing back and pelvis pain.


1. Gently suck in your belly and arch your back, then release.


2. Repeat this pregnancy workout 10 times.

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