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One cow needs a diet change. Can you tell which?

These two cows may look quite the same on the outside, but every cow is unique with different needs. You can't tell just by looking, which cow is healthy and which isn't; which is producing milk of the right nutrient levels and which isn't. But our farmers can.


That's because every single cow has a unique electronic health tracker. It tells a farmer everything about a cow you can't see with the naked eye. Every cow's health information is fed real time right into a farmer's mobile phone. A cow’s diet directly impacts the quality of milk it produces, which is why this health tracker is crucial to the production of top quality milk. Friso® Gold is made with NOVAS™ Signature Milk, which utilises Holland dairy science expertise that includes specially selected cows and customised feeds.


The electronic health tracker provides farmers with detailed insight into the milk quality of individual cows. Based on the data, they will adjust that particular cow's diet plan by changing the mix of its feed bringing the milk's nutrient levels to the optimum level.

With this technology, our farmers can ensure that each cow gets what it needs to produce quality, nutrient rich milk that goes into your child's milk powder.




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