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Discover the secret to Friso® Gold’s naturally nutritious milk

Every child deserves the highest quality of nutrition, and in order to do so, we need to constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve our milk. Read on and we’ll let you in on our little secret – how, through our rigorous quality checks at every step of production, nutritious cow milk for children is transformed into quality milk. From our farms to you.


Every cow is special to us

The most important ingredient is good milk. With over 11,000 family-owned farms in the Netherlands, and an average of 100-200 cows per farm, our cows have enough space to roam and graze, allowing them to be physically active as well as comfortable. Each cow also has its own electronic collar and unique tag that allows us to monitor their individual health status, such as how many steps they have taken, when they were last milked, and milk composition. Farmers can then create customised feeds that provide optimal nutrition based on the milk composition and each cow's needs. Furthermore, our cows have the freedom to be milked whenever they like - resulting in naturally nutritious milk.


Ensuring milk quality at every step of production

Producing naturally nutritious growing up milk is no easy feat. There are many steps to take and we keep a close watch on each one. From milk collection and optimum storage, to stirring the milk every two minutes to maintain freshness, to milk transportation across our factories via our milk trucks, equipped with insulated tanks that keep the temperature below 4°C, the stringent quality checks conducted by our internal and external audits conducted on our products before export and shipment are all in place to ensure that you get the highest quality growing up milk we have to offer.


Holland’s Dairy Science for gentle tummies

Unlike adults, a child’s digestive system is delicate and requires the softest of touches. Friso® Gold growing up milk is designed with your child in mind – it is made with Novas™ Signature Milk, which contains small molecules with soft structure. LocNutri™ Technology preserves natural nutrients using mild heat treatment during the production process, thus helping to support your child’s digestion and making it much easier for them to receive all of nature's goodness.

Natural nutrition with no added sucrose

At FrieslandCampina, we continuously strive to improve the nutritional value of our products. That's why our Friso® Gold range of growing up milk have no added sucrose as ingredients, while at the same time providing natural nutrients such as protein, calcium, and B Vitamins without increasing the calorie intake or risk of cavities for your child. This is also in keeping with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to reduce sugar intake for children and adults alike 1


Sealed-in goodness with our Protection Lid

Caring for your child is one of life's greatest tasks, and it only makes sense for us to set our standards high when we create products for mum and child. We believe that every good product needs to be packaged well for us to be able to deliver the quality growing up milk created for your child. Every Friso® Gold tin is packaged with a Protection Lid that is designed to be tamper-proof and airtight, complete with two safety locks that secure your quality milk. The thoughtful design also includes a hygienic spoon holder to avoid contact with the powder, and leveller to ensure you get accurate servings every time.

Your child’s safety comes first

You wanted to know where your child's milk really comes from, and we set out to answer your pressing questions. We created TrackEasy, an industry first innovation that lets you trace the milk source of your Friso® Gold tin and see the rigorous farm checks conducted. By scanning the unique QR code at the bottom of your tin, you can view details such as farm environment, cow health checks, milk quality checks and more, for peace of mind and assurance of our milk quality.

And there you have it – the truth behind milk for children. We pledged to help you nurture your child in the best possible way, and our commitment to constantly improve ourselves is the best way forward.


  • WHO calls on countries to reduce sugar intake among adults and children



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