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Pregnant mums can be stylish too

Pregnant Mums Can Be Stylish Too

Experience #MyPregnancyMyWay with Frisomum Gold to get inspired on the latest maternity wear trends and get the scoops on maternity fashion tips. Watch the video here.

The collection features flexible attires that can be worn during and after pregnancy; the outfits are designed to be flexibly elastic with removable flaps that ease breastfeeding.


Other great style tips include to feel free and keep options open outside of the maternity fashion section, just make sure that comfort is a priority. Add bold accessories to enhance iconic styles and perk up with bright colours. For example, pair a sundress with sneakers and bangles to create a vibrant yet comfortable look.


Another tip is to be creative with floral prints and big patterns. Pair a floral-print blouse and a body-hugging midi skirt or leggings to accentuate the top. This distracts the focus from the belly. If you are not too fond of big prints, pair a cardigan or jacket to go with your outfit.


Enjoy styling up during your pregnancy, your way with Frisomum Gold. Be playful and have a good time with stylish, chic maternity fashion.