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Why Friso® Gold Milk Farmers Are Really Cow Whisperers in Disguise

For some of you caring for your child closely every day, you naturally learn to tell almost magically what he needs just by the sound of his cries. You probably even know if he's digesting his food properly by the colour of his poo! So it may not be all that surprising to learn that Friso® Gold farmers, who care for their cows almost 24/7, can also tell how well they are just by observing their walk and how they behave. Their top quality milk comes from cows that are grass fed, healthy and happy. Here’s how our farmers get up close and personal with their cows.


Living together on the farms

It's much easier for our farmers to care for their cows when they live on the farms. Many even give their cows names and readily provide them with everything they could possibly need. Being close to the cows 24/7 also allows farmers to react quickly during emergencies such as birthing. When this happens, our farmer will step in as a midwife to assist in the calf’s smooth delivery.


Learning to be a cow whisperer

We all learn best from experience. And Friso® Gold farmers can fall back on hundreds of years of cow management experience in the Netherlands to know how to read the signals that point to the state of their cows’ health. By observing her physical characteristics and behaviour, they can tell if a cow is sick and take steps to help before it’s too late. For example, a cow with a bad foreleg will lift her head while walking to ease the weight off her leg. A cow with healthy legs would actually lower her head when she walks as her limbs are capable of supporting her weight.

Having close one to one working relationships with their vets help our farmers learn more about their cows' health signals. Our farmers also actively engage their vets to visit the cows regularly for check ups, diagnoses and treatment, especially during times of emergency. Working together with the vets to draw up health regimens and treatment plans allow farmers to provide better and more structured care for our cows. Friso® Gold is made with NOVAS™ Signature Milk, which is crafted with the help of Holland’s dairy science expertise and sourced from these Holland owned farms.


Nothing makes our farmers prouder than to know that their cows are in the pink of health. After all, healthy, happy cows naturally give us the most nourishing milk for our children. Find out what else we are doing to ensure Friso® Gold milk’s quality.

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