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Mother plays and interacts with her child while doing yoga work out

Will You Stay You After Motherhood?

Here are some ways to reclaim your pre-pregnancy identity and redefine yourself as someone who also relishes being a mother. Read more!

Make time for me-time. No matter what.
Too many new mums forget to do this, and we don’t blame you. But it’s so important to carve out precious time just for yourself. Take the opportunity to try something new for the very first time: visit a museum, meditate, or even pick up a new language. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. Because when you take time out of chaos to connect with yourself, you’re taking time to realign and refresh your mind; so you can return to your family rejuvenated and ready for more1.

Hang out with other mums. But don’t forget your non-mum friends too
It’s all too tempting to share experiences with other mums who are in the same stage of life, but let’s not forget that your adult brain needs stimulation too. Gather your non-mum girlfriends and go shopping for a new wardrobe1. Indulge in kid-free conversations over tea. Catch up on gossip while you were away from the office. Enjoy the things you used to do before.

Spend quality time with your spouse
It’s vital that both of you make a conscious effort to continue nurturing your relationship as a couple2. Granted that there will be fewer opportunities for couple-time, taking the moment to share a few quick kisses and hugs a day shows you appreciate and care for each other. Together with your husband, agree to set aside time at least once a week to go on a date or talk about your feelings, goals and dreams. This is also a great time to share your thoughts on the life you’re building together. Being able to communicate constantly and openly will only strengthen your resolve for the future.

Learning how not to lose your identity as a mother. For example, if you’ve been keeping to a fitness regime, find out what are the exercises you can still safely do for each trimester. Fancy yourself a fashionista? Work out what are the pieces you need to dress stylishly all nine months. With just a bit of creativity and sensibility, your pregnancy can be a truly special and fun time to remember in your life. For other great ideas, check out the rest of the articles here with more helpful tips and advice for expecting mums.



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