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Breast milk is best for your baby

The World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. Unnecessary introduction of bottle feeding or other food and drinks will have a negative impact on breastfeeding. After six months of age, infants should receive age appropriate foods while breastfeeding continues for up to two years of age or beyond. Consult your doctor before deciding to use infant formula or if you have difficulty breastfeeding.


Should You Serenade Your Baby Bump?

The world of a child in utero is far from silent. Between the 13th and 16th weeks of pregnancy, your fetus’ ears will begin to develop – and this is when your womb transforms into a state-of-the-art sound system where he can enjoy the comforting sounds of your heartbeat and voice. But your child does not just hear what is on the inside. He can also tune into the music you are listening to or the movie you are watching through the vibrations of your amniotic fluid. Simply put, you have an eavesdropper inside.

Here is a chart on how loud sounds are to your fetus in the womb. 

fetus-barTell a story of sounds From the 23rdweek of pregnancy, your fetus welcomes sounds in all forms. So expand his aural horizons with our story that you can bring to life by speaking, singing, or through sound effects. Invite the rest of the family to join in too.

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