The working mums’ guide to coping with pregnancy symptoms

The excitement of being pregnant comes with the biggest amount of psychological changes in your body. It also leads to intense changes brought on by hormones and physical discomfort experiences. Despite the discomfort, many mums will continue working till their pregnancy is almost full–term. Here are some useful tips to some of the most common symptoms of pregnancy and how to provide some relief.

Morning sickness and nausea

Morning sickness and nausea happens due to the amount of hormones made from our body, but it usually goes away after 11–14 weeks. It is best to eat smaller meal portions frequently and avoid oily and fatty food. Dry and starchy foods, as well as carbonated and herbal drinks might help some mums too.


Pregnant mums often face emotional, physical, and mental changes, especially during the first trimester. Resting is essential for pregnant mums. Try taking quick power naps when you’re at work to feel fresh. Massages and warm baths before bed also help ease tiredness.


Constipation during pregnancy often happen due to the hormone progesterone, which relaxes muscles and slows down digestion. Eat more leafy greens, raw fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Try drinking more prune juices and avoid using over-the-counter laxatives unless you have checked with your doctor.

Leg cramps

During pregnancy, painful calf and foot contractions are common, especially during the second and third trimesters. Practice simple calf muscle stretching exercises before bed to ease the pain. But make sure you have consulted your health care provider before you embark on any exercise regime.

Frequent Urination

This happens a lot during the first and last trimester, but do not limit your intake on fluids. Keeping yourself hydrated during pregnancy is important. Unless you experience a burning sensation or pain during urination, it is common pregnancy symptom. Consume less diuretic drinks like coffees, black and green teas, and alcohol. Leaning forward during urination also helps empty your bladder better.

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