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Camping: The Great Indoors Activitiy with Children

Forget the weatherman and jump right into the ultimate all-weather activity: camping at home. Here, you will find ideas on how to bring the outdoors in with a homemade teepee and an indoor pond. And the best part? The only wildlife prowling around your campsite would be your child’s favourite teddy bear!

Pitch perfect

Set up your campsite by pitching your own teepee in under 30 minutes. All you need are wooden poles and rope from your local hardware store, a bedsheet, and a clothes peg. Cushions recommended; forest optional.

Wooden poles tied up together resembling the frame of a teepee

Lean the wooden poles against one another to create the frame

of a teepee. Secure them with rope

Bedsheet covering the teepee frame

Toss the bedsheet over the teepee frame.

Bedsheet held together with a clothes peg

Secure the bedsheet with a clothes peg.

Fairy lights wrapped around homemade tent

Add cushions and fairy lights for when the lights go out!

Gone fishing

Now that your teepee is up, dive into the underwater world with your own makeshift lake and discover fascinating sea animals through our DIY fishing game. To begin, just print out our free PDF template. You’d also need paper clips, magnets, and a wooden stick. Get your toddler to count the tentacles on the octopus or sing your own version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Starfish! Start reeling in a splashing good time while staying dry!

Makeshift lake, sea creatures with paper clips attached and fishing rod made of wooden stick and magnet
Download our free PDF template below

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