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Nutritious vegetables for children to ensure good digestion

Easy Digestion For Gentle Tummies

While it’s important to plan a well-rounded diet for your growing toddler, there are certain considerations in food selection, planning, and preparation that will help make digestion that bit easier. Following these simple tips can help tune your child’s digestive health, and open the gateway to nutritional benefits.


It’s Bento O’ Clock!

Have you wondered how can you include natural nutrients creatively in your children's diet?
Here are some tips and ideas to help you prepare fun and nutritious mealtime for your little ones!

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Red shirt kid holding Friso Gold formula milk

5 Facts vs Myths About Growing Up Formula Milk/Susu Every Parent Should Know

While information on formula milk/susu is widely available, there are still misconceptions on the topic. Let’s do a quick check and learn which are milk/formula facts and myths.