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Heritage, Nature and Technology in Every Tin.

Vox traced our milk back to the farms they originated from.

In the crowded market of milk powders, what makes NOVAS™ Signature Milk in Friso® Gold so special? Is it the cows, the technology, or is it the generations of expertise? Vox interviewed one of our farmers to discover what makes the milk we produce so unique.


Meet the Cows That Make Your Child’s Milk Formula

NOVAS™ Signature Milk is sourced from Holstein-Friesian cows in the Netherlands, widely considered to be the best milk producing breed in the world. These cows were carefully selected and given a customised feed to produce milk in our products.


What Makes NOVAS™ Signature Milk Easier to Digest?

Casein proteins are core components of cow’s milk. NOVAS Signature Milk is low in casein mineralisation, which is known to form soft curd particles that are easily digested in the stomach.


Combining Traditions and Technologies for Craft Milk

Our Dutch farms have 150 years of dairy expertise—generations of knowledge passed through family-run farms—paired with advanced technology to pick up minute changes in each cow’s physiology, growth, and general wellbeing to ensure they produce quality milk.

Hear it From Our Farmers

There’s more to NOVAS™ Signature Milk. Have a look at how things work on the ground from third-generation dairy farmer Paul Schouten and his herd of 250 cows.

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