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Tips To Manage Sleep Deprivation

Sleep…what sleep? We bet that’s what every parent will say when they have a child. The change in your daily schedule will be rather drastic so try some of these tactics on how to manage sleep deprivation and letting your child sleep better!


Dreamfeed is a term for when feeding is given to your baby before your nap or sleep time. With a full tummy, your baby will sleep longer. Hence, practice Dreamfeed, especially at night before you sleep, so that you and your baby can sleep together, better, and longer.

Limit length of naptimes

Babies can’t differentiate between day and night. This might confuse the adults’ biological clocks together with their daytime obligations, too. Try to shorten each naptime to less than 2 to 2.5 hours every day by gently waking up your baby for a feeding.

Accept Help  

As a parent, juggling everything with your baby can get overwhelming. Accepting help from others might do you and your partner good, even if it is temporary. Accept help from your mother-in-law, mother, or anyone who offers to babysit your baby for a night or two. Make sure to properly recharge and rejuvenate when your baby is in the arms of a reliant family member or friend! Remember, it takes a village!

Stay Away from Technology & Caffeine

Once your baby is off to dreamland, it might be hard to avoid the temptation of scrolling through social media and catching up with your favourite TV series. Avoid it all, especially before bedtime, and catch up on sleep instead. This also can be a good time to quit or limit your caffeine intake as it disrupts energy levels.



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