Recognise the signs of indigestion

Indigestion happens to the best of us, and even more so to gentle, newborn tummies. While most of us are familiar with the symptoms of indigestion, it is not always apparent when it is happening to babies. Hence it is important to recognise the signs and causes of indigestion in babies, and make sure it does not happen to yours.

Why do kids get indigestion?

Tiny tummies are extremely gentle and sensitive. Indigestion happens when they are not able to break down the nutrients that they ingest, thus giving them pain or discomfort. That is why your kid’s tummy requires nutrients that are close to its natural structure for easy digestion. 

Overheating during milk processing damages the natural structure of milk protein, which can lead to indigestion. That is why Friso Gold’s LocNutri® Technology uses mild heat treatment during production to preserve the nutrient close to its natural structure, so it is easy to digest.

The effects of natural and damaged nutrient on your kid’s stomach

Natural nutrient
Milk protein in its natural structure is easy for baby to digest

Damaged nutrient
Milk protein that has been damaged is not easy for baby to digest
Find out more about LocNutri® and how it contributes to better digestion.

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