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Mother playing blue yoga ball with kid

Work Out with Mum

Working out with your child can encourage natural active play and body movement, but how would you react when he stumbles? Watch how Nurul handles the situation!
Challenge sheet - Pledge of Independence to set by kids

Ready to Pledge?

Find out more about your child’s goals with this challenge! Mums, remember to be flexible, encouraging and engaged with whatever they want to pledge for.
Don’t forget to share your journey on Facebook with the hashtags #inspiredbyFrisoGold #mumsgrowtoo #pledgeofindependence 

Explore more about Natural Parenting

Curious about Natural Parenting? Find out how you and your child can grow up together naturally. Explore our videos below!

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A mother holding a cup of maternal milk

Why Mums Need Maternal Milk and Its Influence on Foetal Growth

Why Mums Need Maternal Milk? Maternal milk is typically chock-full of important nutrients for pregnant and lactating mummies. One of the key ingredients is folic acid, which is crucial in helping with the growth and development of the foetus.